Welcome to Ben Craig's presence on the World Wide Web.

It was once said that there are things we know, things we want to know, things we think we want to know and……… some things we know that we wish we didn’t.

This is a tantalising adventure which questions the reality of our existence.

Forward to The Truth ?

If you have ever wondered why we have developed as opposed to how we have; if you doubt the validity of the things freely reported around the globe because there are so many corporate vested interests at work and if you really would like to believe in a supreme power that we are responsible to, then this account may provide you with even more to consider.

 It follows a young man’s journey, describing how he becomes embroiled in a conflict of which we remain blissfully unaware, a war that will decimate humankind if he fails and it reveals that all of what we take for granted is not what it seems. He is Ben Craig, his enemy is ruthless, his campaign is a bloody one and his mission is to safeguard us from The Truth….

Introduction to Ben Craig

Hi there and thanks for dropping by.

 I’m Mike H and whilst I don’t consider myself an author or make my living by writing, in this instance I am the vehicle Ben has chosen to deliver his message. I hope that I have done him justice.

 There are actually 4 books which catalogue some of the key periods in his life; the next 2 have been completed and the 4th is in preparation. Unfortunately I will only be able to release them when I am allowed to. The books chart Ben’s acceptance of The Truth, the numerous attempts on his life that he evaded, the way he uncovered our true enemy, the lengths he has had to go to keep us safe, aspects of his love life and of his allegiances.

 If I were to reveal too much information in advance of you reading the detailed accounts, I know that you would think them too outlandish to be believable; equally I know that when you do read them fully, you will understand how real they may be. Ben isn’t a magician, nor is he a super-hero; he is but a man and whether you love or hate him, his exploits are sure to capture your imagination the way they did mine.

 I am aware that people want to know if Ben is real but I’m sorry to inform that I can only say that I believe so. I am not intentionally being vague; it is simply that I have no way of validating his identity. If you have read The Truth? then you will understand this. Please make up your own mind if his story adds reason to some of the absurdities that have plagued us and which continue to this day. Needless to say I have used my licence as an “author” to spread a little mist over dates, places and names for obvious reasons; even so, if you really want to go on a treasure hunt, you never know what you may find!

 Whilst I’m sure that people will want to know about Ben rather than about me, I am occasionally asked about my background; I’m a salesman, albeit that I spend most of my time these days teaching others to communicate face to face. I’ve been doing it for many years and often incognito for those who’d rather not let on openly that they need outside assistance or who wish to affect change surreptitiously. I’m a great believer that we all need to sell, whether it is to convince family members or friends to go somewhere or do something, or we wish others to invest in our service or products. I have come across very few people or businesses that were unable to benefit from assistance of this kind. I’ve even made myself available to university students and graduates who need to improve their chances in the job interview process.

 So, why did I put pen to paper to write about Ben? I apologise if it seems that I’m using a selling ploy, but an honest answer that will make sense to you can only be found by reading his story. Of course, I’m also asked why Ben chose me. Unfortunately I am again unable to provide a deep and meaningful reason because I’ve been unable to elicit one from him. My best guess is that a no-nonsense approach to my business and general ability to communicate appeals to him because I tend to stay on track and do not try to impress with clever and flowery use of the English language. 

The Future

As previously mentioned I’ve been able to encapsulate the key periods in his life in a further 3 books.

 The second picks up from where The Truth ? ends and provides more insight into his new life and how he settled in to it. It also describes battles which take place right under our noses, out in the open but which we never saw. I know, it sounds crazy but then if I’d told you about The Truth ? before you read it, you’d have said that was even more outrageous.

 The third leaps forward a little in time and describes how Ben had his biggest challenge to keep his existence secret from us because his enemy (our biggest threat) tries to enlist the SAS, the CIA and the Russian Mafia to open the way for the biggest takeover that could ever be envisaged within the human race. Yet he turns the tables and gets all of those agencies working for him without any of the world’s politicians being aware that anything untoward was in play. And you thought that the second book sounded crazy!

The final instalment takes us to when he hands over the reins to a new pretender to his crown. As is usual in his life, even a simple task like that becomes a test of his resolve to protect those that he cares for, whilst he puts down a vicious insurgence and, at the same time, creates an atmosphere where it is acceptable to pass the baton.