I found the Midlands locations in the book a real 'bring you down to earth' moment, they will never be the same again! Overall a great read - a sort of cross between Lord of the Rings and The Da Vinci Code. An enlightening good versus bad book that must be read by all - I know whose side I am on.

I’d been recommended to read this by a friend of mine but I really wasn’t sure that this was my type of thing; I’m used to romantics and soft-paced thrillers. Oh how wrong could I be. This young man is enchanting, the sort you want your daughter to marry; good looking, strong, confident and intelligent. Ok he’s a dab hand at killing and ruthless when challenged but he always seems to keep the moral high ground. I wouldn’t want to come up against the wrong side of him but he’d definitely be the first one I ran to if I was in trouble. I really hope that he is real and that his story isn’t. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

I take the author’s point; this isn’t going to win any literary prizes for artistry but believe me, that won’t bother you when you become embroiled in the heat of it all. Forget James Bond, there are no leaps of imagination required to keep up with Ben. In fact, you will be hard pressed to suppress the desire to question not just what you have learned but perhaps even who has taught it to you as well. Intriguing and fascinating even through the somewhat gory escapades but always simultaneously informative and questioning. Phew!

I’d love to tell you what happens but the unbelievable becomes credible and having thought about this review for a while, I’ve decided that the book itself is its best ad. Beware Ben Craig, beware The Truth and beware exposing your soul to controversy and indecision. Roller coasters won’t ever be able to send you up, down and around the way that Ben does. I did recall a line from Adams Family Values that suits “be afraid, be very afraid”. When is the movie coming?

I discounted all of the hype from my friends but to keep them happy I spent my money. To be brutally honest I thought that in the beginning this wasn’t my cup of tea but because of my friends I pressed on. Then, without realising, the pages began to turn and the anticipation just took control. Looking back I’m not sure if it was right to read about Ben Craig and The Truth, it just raises so many questions and creates so much conflict within my poor head. But I have to find out what happened next.

Don’t read it; you’ll never look at your friends the same again!

Don’t know what to say really. There is a great phrase in the film Independence Day when the President of the United States asks why he wasn’t made aware of what was contained within Area 51 and the Secretary for Defence replies “plausible deniability”. Well, my two words to sum up The Truth are “deniable plausibility.”